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March 19, 2012 § Leave a comment

Contrary to the mean forum posts about me on various HIT Jedi sites through the years, and, yes, I read them, I see a value in machine training. Now, before you ask: “aren’t you the O lifting/Highland Gaming/Football guy?” Well, yes, I am, but there is also a great value in just about every training system.

Moreover, the longer you stay in the game, the more astute the following point becomes:

The more you know, the more you know you don’t know. Aristotle (maybe)

I had this same point explained to me as a circle. Inside the circle is everything you know. The circle is where you touch all the things you don’t know. So, as you study something more and more, the more you realize that you have so much more to learn.

Recently, Delaine Ross emailed me about her frustration when reading that a recent HKC grad (Swing, Goblet Squat and Get Up) commented on how it was amazing to “master” these movements. I still don’t know what a perfect Goblet Squat should be and I invented the movement! The more I learn and study, the less sure I am about anything.

Oh, the same is true when: Someone goes to a weekend cert about movement and the nervous system and claims to be able to fix everything from cancer to MS. Someone goes to a cert and learns the O lifts, the powerlifts, gymnastics and sprinting and claims to be a sports expert. Or the guy who told me he was certified to coach the discus, but only knew the standing throw. Folks, I have been tossing the discus since 1971 and I am still unsure about some of the big details like how to start the throw.

So, let me say this: when it comes to aging well, I pull out my collection of collection of Clarence Bass’s books and online materials (my first contact with Tabata, by the way, long before others told me I learned it from them) and pull out my vast files of Art deVany’s work.

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