The Difference Between Eating Paleo and “Being Paleo”

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I would like to quote, but really, I’d need to quote the article. It really picks up where Kurt Harris left it with Paleo 2.0

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Onward by Moving Forward (or #paleo has gone tribal) via @FreeTheAnimal

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Richard has a very thoughtful post – and I cant agree more with him on the tribal thing. Paleo has great ideas, but not all the answers for everyone. And once people start identifying themselves with an eating style (“I am Paleo” vs “I am Vegan”) then objectivity often goes out the window

What I want to do going forward is to take a sensible, thoughtful, skeptical, and flexible approach to this whole thing. I’m not prepared to “slam paleo” or excise it from my writing vocabulary; but instead, continue to seek out synthesis among various approaches to a decent diet and exercise regimen.

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100 Healthy Snack Ideas via @FitnessEMU

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Six Sisters’ Stuff: Fresh Food Friday: 100 Healthy Snack Ideas.

disclaimer: I don’t quite agree with all of them; eg I dont see why Yogurt should be low fat to be healthy, and “string cheese” would is in the category “over engineered foods” in my book. But you dont have to agree with everything on a list of 100…

Dan John on winning, losing, and a consistent program

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| Dan John.

Long post. Worth reading. Why do people expect the fundamentals to change by the way?

My favorite workshop remains the “Work-Rest-Play-Pray” diagram that I learned in the Second Grade. Not long ago, I gave a presentation where I referenced this, just for a second, and a woman came up after and said that I always talk about the same thing and she had heard this at Charles Staley’s bootcamp years ago.

Well, good for you. You should have listened the first time. Yes, it upset my frail ego to hear that as, to be honest, there is NOTHING more important in this field of strength, fitness and conditioning than the connections between your training and your life.

The Legend of Marlboro Marc via @Critical MAS

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He would run an entire marathon chain smoking cigarettes.

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Pale(br)o Science via @ConditioningResearch

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A sarcastic term implying that the time tested, muscle building wealth of knowledge developed and utilized by successful, experienced bodybuilders is inferior to the continually shifting hypotheses of articulate, textbook-savvy 155lb. chemists with little or no real world first-person experience to substantiate their conclusions.

Now if he puts it this way, then broscience can actually be something very positive – for the record, I am sure that Mark Rippetoe knows more about strength training than any “articulate, textbook-savvy 155lb. chemists”

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Good Science ( via @conditioningresearch

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Conditioning Research: Good Science.

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