Off skiing

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Back in a week


Those last few links…

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…are rather old – I had a few of those Weekly Links posts over at thorfalk, and wanted to move them here. Not quite done yet

Welcome to Thor’s Reads

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Welcome to Thor’s Reads, my curated reading list. That’s all. My main blog is Thor Falk, my curated links are on Thor’s Reads, my WODs are on Thor’s WODs, and my series of guides is on Thor’s Guides.

Thor Falk

Thor's Guides

Thor's Reads

Thor's WODs


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Note: I see quite a few people clicking through to the posts – there is no point: all information is on the frontpage. My substantive posts are over at – here I only have links (possibly with short comments) of whatever notable I come across.

Where Am I?

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