The Front Squat vs. Back Squat Debate – the verdict

February 1, 2012 § Leave a comment

Part IV is out today – this concludes the series. Here the final comment:

To summarize, I feel the time it takes for a lifter to safely load an aggressive weight in the Back Squat is too long and runs a lot more risk than the Front Squat, TB Deadlift or any other squat regression. My job is to get athletes as strong as possible in a short training window each year. Therefore I need to choose exercises which allow me to load aggressively and allow the athlete to develop their strength levels as quickly as possible. For athletes who progress to advanced lifting programs, the Trapbar Deadlift and Front Squat both have significant value within the programming I use with athletes, something I cannot say about the Back Squat.

I don’t disagree – but it is important to understand that the focus of this series is much narrower than the title suggests: if you are S&C coach of a (highschool or college) football team you should do front squat rather than backsquat. Makes sense from what he says. In the broader context I would still be with Rip though. I consider the back squat the more valuable exercise, assuming you have the time and patience to invest


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