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Back in a week


The Olympic Lifts: a Study of “Compromises” to “Options.”

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It’s not unlike what I told the guy not long ago who wanted to be an O lifter: “You should have been born in Eastern Europe to short, stocky and strong parents.”

via The Olympic Lifts: a Study of “Compromises” to “Options.” | Dan John.

A must-read – Overloaded and Under-fuelled

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  • While there are benefits to fasting, fasted training, high-intensity interval training, metabolic condition workouts, and eating low-carb, you overdo all of these strategies at your peril, and combing them all together is not going to give you the cumulative effects you think they might.
  • If you are going to eat low-carb, you need to eat high-fat and likely a lot higher than you think what a high-fat diet actually is.
  • If you are eating low-carb and low-fat, you are on borrowed time before you stall.
  • If you have goals (whether they are performance, weight, or health orientated), with the exception of the occasional break, taking large portions of time off from the strategies you need to achieve those goals and putting yourself under time pressure to achieve them, is likely to see you defaulting to behaviours which you logically know are likely to fail.

via Overloaded and Under-fuelled: A case study | THAT PALEO GUY.

Why Women Need Fat

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Why Women Need Fat | Hunt.Gather.Love..

warning. long article. via Seth Roberts

Weird – Reebok / Crossfit Flash WOD – Toronto

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via WTF is a Flash WOD?.

Its not like one of those ad’s. There is a container coming down, but it is just a prop. Afterwards those 250-whatever people in orange shirts occupy the place and do random stuff. One only does box jumps, the other one only airsquats, and it is ultra-chaotic.

Is this meant to be leave a positive impression of XF? Or Reebok? …

From Sugar Rush to Sugar Crush

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From Sugar Rush to Sugar Crush: The Scientific Problem of Jelly Bean Season | The Great Fitness Experiment.

Interesting, this switch

More on stretching

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Here’s a general framework of when you should use each type of stretch:

  • Use static stretches immediately before bed. This will not only help you relax but calm the nervous system and promotes better sleep.  One exception could be to use static stretching before lifting sessions if the primary focus of your session/training block is improving mobility, or if you need to increase extensibility in a specific muscle group (i.e. the hip flexors).
  • Use dynamic stretches pre-workout, or as part of a mobility circuit throughout the day.
  • Use EQI’s immediately post-workout, and only on muscle groups or areas that have been found to be short or too stiff in relation to adjacent segments.

via Conditioning Research: More on stretching.

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